Green Building Policy

U.S. Green Building Council Member Build It Green

As Crevelon Construction has grown, we have become ever more mindful of the importance of respect for efficient and effective design and construction. We believe that it is possible for a construction firm to make a difference in our environment by building with green products, policies and the promotion of resource conservation.

Save Money
Green Building products and construction practices can lower water and energy bills, reduce maintenance costs and require less frequent replacement.

Live More Comfortably
With good energy design, proper insulation and efficient heating and cooling systems, Green Building helps to insure that your home is more comfortable.

Healthier Indoor Environment
Green Building encourages the use of materials, paints and finishes that eliminate many sources of indoor air pollution.

Less Maintenance and Higher Durability
Green Building guidelines go beyond your local building codes to recommend methods and premium materials that result in more durable homes that require less upkeep.

Good for the Environment
Conventional building construction and operation needlessly consume large quantities of wood, water, fuel and other materials. A green built home conserves these natural resources.

Use-Energy Wisely
New houses in California must be built to the most stringent energy code in the country, but given the state’s population growth, even this may not be enough to keep demand in check. Generation and use of energy are major contributors to air pollution and global climate change. With homes accounting for roughly 31% of the energy consumed in the state, it is clear that homebuilders have a significant role to play in helping our society address energy-related concerns now and in the coming decades.